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A tough ride but worth every step!!! So thankful to my Donor for every extra day I have and every breath I take, as i continue in my 5th year.

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Feeling ill New year approaching

Natalie Posted on Sat, December 30, 2017 15:29:52

Feeling sorry for
myself, ..I’m sick , me
and my lovely lungs do not appreciate whoever gave me this because it’s wiping
me out .. I need to hurry up and get better as there is a brand new year right
around the corner. Been seen by the Doctor got Antibiotics hoping this will do the Job.

2017 you’ve had your up and downs! But thankfully way more ups!!! Iooking back through some of my pics and How lucky am I to be surrounded by so much love and happiness!! Looking forward to filling 2018 with lots more fun, laughs and love! I will treasure each day

Merry Christmas

event Posted on Mon, December 25, 2017 22:55:56

Christmas Eve is so
beautiful in church!! Super proud of izzy speaking!! I am so thankful that I’m
here to share another Christmas with my beautiful children, lovely family and
friends! Thank you to my beautiful angel for 2137 extra days of life because of
you so far, special extra days spent with Brandon and Isabelle breathing easy!
Tonight we think of you and your family who are without you at this special
time. Sadly your not here but because of you I am?.
Note to all, life is short.. cherish your loved ones and make
the most of everyday you get!!
Merry Christmas everyone .. love me xxx


news Posted on Thu, December 14, 2017 16:57:10

12th December Brilliant news
today!!! . I’m waiting on key 103/Rock FM who want to do an interview at 11am ?, hope it helps

little clip of my interview today, I thought
it was just for radio but then he throws in he wants record ?!! Ah well, awareness raised . lives saved? …I really
hope so ??xx

Jeremy Hunt launches opt-out organ donation plans in England
read more here

Feeling Thankful

Natalie Posted on Sun, December 03, 2017 22:26:17

When you spent years
struggling to breathe and your body ached from fighting for each breath yet
your here with your beautiful new lungs years later to put up another Christmas
tree with my amazing children.. safe to say that’s pretty special!!! Looking forward
to another Christmas with my family and lovely friends! Merry Christmas . xx

My Birthday

Natalie Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:21:00

November 20th

So today not only have
I made to see another birthday but I’ve also been reminded once again how many
wonderful people I have in my life! Thank you for everyone’s birthday wishes,
cards, pressies and kind words! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who joined
me this morning, thank you to my family for tea, gifts and fireworks , I’m so blessed! Also thank you Brandon and
Isabelle for making my birthday super special! I’m a very lucky lady! I’ve had a
FAB day!!!
Here’s to my next year, every day will be
precious and every breath will be precious as always xx

Bolton Christmas Lights

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:18:09


Christmas Lights switch on. It’s
Officially Christmas! ???
Nando’s & Bolton Light Switch On With My
Family. Love You Guys.


event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:16:17


Fab night at BBC Radio
1Xtra… my boy wanted to see Bugsy Malone so off I went, and he was really
good ?? great night!

Another Talk

Hospital Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:14:14

November 6th

I had the massive
honour on Wednesday of speaking after this wonderful beautiful brave lady Rebecca Lauren Youens who
sadly lost her precious little girl Violet earlier this year.,Violet went on to
donate her Organs ❤️ …. she’s broken so many hearts by leaving, especially her mummy
and daddy’s .. but she lives on as a superhero and a beautiful angel keeping
others alive today. Rebecca I admire your strength and courage sharing your
beautiful little lady’s story xxx

Adlington Bonfire night

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:10:49

November 5th

Bonfire night at Adlington

Fireworks Display

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:06:54

November 3rd

Fireworks display at leverhulme park Bolton.

At Blackpool LIGHTS

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 16:01:59

November 2nd

Family Tradition ..
Blackpool Lights & Sugar Donuts . . & This Year We Had A Trip On A
Horse & Carriage. When your a little bit giddy that your here to see
another illuminations

Checking on my
beautiful lungs with my beautiful bestie for good luck .

Talk at the MRI

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 15:56:13

November 1st

Royal Infirmary

So not your average
day out in the school hols but today Brandon and Isabelle got to see me speak
to around 100 surgeons ,doctors and nurses about my transplant! I spoke after
my Surgeon which is just WOW!! Brandon’s words “mum you smashed it” feeling a
little bit proud of myself.

Halloween in Adlington

event Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 15:50:09

October 31st

Happy Halloween
We really enjoyed ourselves with these lovely ladies and little people ❤️Halloween 2017 .. happy memories made?? so much fun had!! … and as Brandon reminded me it’s
our 6th Halloween since transplant .. and you know what they just get

Salford royal

Hospital Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 15:44:17

October 13th

My beautiful flowers
from Salford Royal I hope I make my donor proud with
everything I do .. but more than anything my drive in life is to make my
children proud of the person that I am .

Good News for our Petition

news Posted on Sat, November 25, 2017 15:42:17

October 4th

Victory! Organ donation change to Opt Out system in stunning victory for
seriously ill transplant patients

The Prime
Minister revealed the historic move in her speech at the Tory party conference
in Manchester after a two-year campaign by the Daily Mirror

Theresa May today announced she will change the law on organ
donation in a stunning victory for the Daily Mirror and our readers.

The Prime Minister revealed the historic move to an Opt Out
system in her speech at the Tory party conference in Manchester.

The huge development comes after a two-year campaign by this

campaigners, medics, MPs and patients hailed the Daily Mirror’s relentless
drive to save hundreds of lives

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